Motivated by a deep sense of purpose, Aira Durham and co-owner Malik Morris embarked on the journey of founding Hood Alpha together. Their shared vision and commitment to making a difference in underserved communities fueled their determination to carve their own lane in the luxury streetwear business. Witnessing the challenges and disparities prevalent in their community, they saw an opportunity to create a brand that not only offered high-quality clothing but also empowered individuals and fostered a sense of leadership.

Drawing from their personal experiences and a desire for positive change, Aira and Malik established Hood Alpha as a platform for more than just fashion. They recognized the transformative power of clothing as a tool for self-expression and confidence. However, their aspirations extended far beyond aesthetics. Aira and Malik believed that true impact required addressing the systemic barriers faced by their community.

In line with their commitment to giving back, Aira and Malik have pledged that 10% of all profits generated by Hood Alpha will be dedicated to supporting their communities and providing resources. This ensures that a portion of every purchase contributes directly to initiatives that uplift and empower individuals. By creating opportunities for personal growth and inspiring others to become leaders in their own right, Aira and Malik aim to leave a lasting impact on their community and redefine what it means to be socially conscious within the luxury streetwear industry.

Together, Aira and Malik are working tirelessly to establish Hood Alpha as a prominent player in the industry while making a meaningful difference in their communities. Their commitment to carving their own lane reflects their determination to challenge conventional norms and create a brand that is both fashion-forward and socially conscious. Through their combined efforts, they strive to empower individuals, foster community, and ensure that Hood Alpha is a force for positive change.