Hood Alpha is a streetwear company that is making waves in the fashion industry, particularly in the realm of luxury streetwear, with its convenient and affordable products. Established in 2023 in Saint Louis, Missouri, Hood Alpha has quickly gained recognition for its unique approach to blending luxury and streetwear aesthetics. The company's mission is to create a company that reflects their vision and values, providing customers with high-quality streetwear that embodies the spirit of their communities.

The name Hood Alpha pays homage to the vibrant neighborhoods that have historically fostered tight-knit communities and displayed strong leadership qualities. By choosing this name, Hood Alpha aims to celebrate the resilience and strength found within these communities.

Driven by a passion for their craft, the team behind Hood Alpha is constantly pushing boundaries and seeking new opportunities for growth. They have successfully merged elements of luxury fashion with streetwear culture, resulting in a distinctive style that appeals to fashion-forward individuals who appreciate both quality and affordability. Every product is meticulously designed and produced, showcasing the highest standards of craftsmanship.

Hood Alpha's founders, Aira Durham and Malik Morris, are visionary entrepreneurs who have set out to build a successful company while making a significant impact in the streetwear industry. They are committed to carving their own path, remaining true to their roots, and creating a company that resonates with their customers. Their unwavering drive and determination inspire their team and ensure that Hood Alpha continues to thrive and succeed.