Hood Alpha, a luxury Clothing Company based in Saint Louis, was established with a dual purpose in mind. Our mission is to offer distinctive clothing items while also empowering Alphas to make a positive impact in our communities, fostering an environment where everyone can thrive regardless of their circumstances. We invite you to support us on all of our social media platforms at 1HoodAlpha. Together, let's uplift our communities and make a lasting difference.

Summer Collection

Dropping on 06/28/2024

Hood Alpha appears on Fox 2 News for House of Soul Stl Juneteenth Block festival

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Father and Son

Embrace fatherhood in style with our Navy blue jogging suits, celebrating the bond between fathers and sons.

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Did You Know?

Hey, here's a cool thing you should know about: when you support Hood Alpha, you're not only making a statement with your style, but you're also giving back to the community. See, 10% of every order you place goes directly to an innovative account, which supports important causes and makes a positive impact. So whether you're looking for stylish clothing, or accessories, shopping with Hood Alpha means you can look good and feel good about doing some good.

Hood Alpha X Jennings High School

Aira, our Co-Owner, recently inspired seniors at Jennings High School Career Fair, sharing insights on post-high school aspirations and entrepreneurship. Reflecting on our journey, we emphasize the importance of vision and passion in achieving success. To all seniors: Take your time, introspect, and Believe in yourself

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Hood Alpha X Little Bit Foundation

We had a wonderful time working with Little Bit Foundation and preparing hygienic items for St. Louis public elementary schools.


We were privileged to participate in Nelly's Black & White Ballโ€”an extraordinary event filled with remarkable individuals. It was an unforgettable experience.

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